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Dubai is a truly 21st century city. It’s a place where east meets west, where tourism meets commerce. One-third of the world’s population lives just a four-hour flight away. 88.7% of those living and working in Dubai hail from overseas. Enterprise zones in DIFC and Downtown make the city the premier business hub in the Middle East. Iconic landmarks, world-class attractions, year-round sunshine and no taxes – Dubai has a draw few cities can match. And this is what continues to fuel investment in this part of the Gulf.

location-dubai-img1@2xThink property, think Dubai. It’s a city where investors have enjoyed some of the highest levels of capital growth the global property market has ever seen. Today, Dubai’s real estate market has matured, one that’s in-line with those of other global cities such as New York and London. No longer is it based on speculation. Dubai’s property market is now regulated and sustainable, carefully underpinned by the three key investment fundamentals: supply, demand and location.

World Expo 2020 will bring 25 million people to the emirate and create 277,000 new jobs. The first time the Expo will be hosted in the Middle East, Dubai’s property market will naturally feel the impact of the event. Hosting the Expo has been found to have a profound effect on the capital growth of local real estate. Experts predict Dubai will see growth in the region of 35-50% as a direct result of Expo 2020. It means that, for investors, the time to buy in Dubai is now.

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